Polimeraza TaqNova Stoffel (RP810)

Polimeraza DNA TaqNova Stoffel  to uniwersalna i łatwa w użyciu polimeraza DNA, która działa szybko i skutecznie w różnych warunkach PCR. Enzym katalizuje syntezę nici DNA w kierunku 5’→3’, nie wykazując aktywności egzonukleazy 3’→5’ i 5’→3’.

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TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase is a 62.7 kDa recombinant, fragment of thermostable Taq DNA polymerase isolated from Thermus aquaticus. It is recommended for a wide range of applications, which require DNA synthesis in extremely high temperatures.

Stoffel fragment is encoded by a modified form of the Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase gene which has been inserted into an Escherichia coli host. The modified gene encodes a 540 amino acid fragment lacking the N-terminal 292 amino acid portion of the full length TaqNova DNA Polymerase.

The thermostability of TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase is about twice as high as the TaqNova DNA Polymerase and requires higher MgCl2 concentration level and lower ionic strenght for its optimum enzymatic activity.

  • Efficient amplification of short and medium size sequences.
  • Diagnostic PCR.
  • TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase is strongly sugested for GC rich and secondary structure templates – the increase thermal stability of the TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase may lead to superior amplification of excessively GC rich templates and templates with secondary structure by allowing the use of denaturation temperatures as high as 98°C.
  • Multiplex PCR – no need for MgCl2 optimization – the vast magnesium optimum for TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase reduces the need for magnesium optimization experiments and increases the easiness of “Multiplex PCR” optimization, the simultaneous amplification of multi targets in the same reaction.
  • Genotyping – TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase shows great performance in genetic mapping using primers with arbitrary sequences (RAPD).
  • ASA PCR (Allele Specific Amplification PCR) – amplification depends of 3’ terminal bases, that complement the primer.

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Polimeraza TaqNova Stoffel (RP810) – MSDS

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